Established 1958

Gammelbro Camping was founded by

Jenny and Claus Knudsen in 1958. The site opened May 1, 1958 with room for 50 tents. At the same time 11 hectares land for orchard is leased out.

The first three years were the toilets bins emptied into the slurry pit and used on the fields in the winter. The first store was an ice cream parlor in the courtyard of the old property, Gammelbrovej 80th.

historien grundlagt gammelbro camping

1961 – 1975

In 1961 there were built a toilet building with wc. The current beach toilet. Camping became popular and the site expanded rapidly to about 200 units. In 1965 the old barn converted into a new store after repeated extensions of the ice cream parlor.

A preservation order in 1969 ruled that the campsite should move away from the beach area and later move even further away from the beach where the lease with the orchard expired. In 1971, the area got sewerage system. The campsite was connected and obtained water from Årøsund waterworks. That same year opened Årøsund campsite on the neighboring property.

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1979 – 1986

On 1 January 1976 John Knudsen took over the management of the site. The lease of the 11ha land had ceased and a gradually retreating and expansion of the campsite began. There followed a long period of gradual expansion and construction of new service buildings.

Around 1985 the site expanded to 600 units.

In 1986 opened a new information and store building and a new access to the site.

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1993 – 2005

Camping Life evolved and there was a need for more and better facilities. From 1993 to 2003 there was built 3 new toilet buildings, an indoor playground, a cafeteria and a swimming pool.


In 2005 Gammelbro Camping bought the neighboring property, Årøsund Camping. The merging of the two sites did that it became the campsite with the most permitted units in Denmark.

historien ny gammelbro camping


On January 1, 2014 Jacob Knudsen were included in the operation of the campsite with 1/3 ownership. Inga and John. Knudsen 2/3. Knudsen family thanks the many loyal campers, who over the years have helped to influence life at the site and welcomes new campers to the site in the frames this place offers.

historien ny gammelbro camping