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Lillebælt is good for fishing

The Little Belt offers some of the best fishing in Denmark. A few hundred meters north of Gammelbro Camping you can fish for sea trout and garfish. By boat you can go on the Little Belt to find just the right fishing grounds for cod and flounder.

There are rich opportunities, easy going, and do not forget: Accommodation, food, etc. is not a problem.

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Underwater hunting in Lillebælt

Spear fishing is a cool combination of snorkelling (where one’s eyes are opened to a total new world under water) and hunting (where everything revolves around hunting fish with harpoon or hand-held). The whole thing without scuba tanks. Take only one deep breath, then keep calm and hit the mark. You will flow silently and freely through the water and you can stay at it as long as you feel like it.

Everyone can participate, as one does not need much more than a pair of flippers, a mask and a pointed rod, – there you go! Spear fishing is carried out in the shallow waters near the coast.

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Sea kayak in Lillebælt

Imagine an early summer morning. With your kayak you cut noiselessly through the silent blue waters of the Little Belt and notice how the sun slowly begins to warm everything up, while the birds sing in the trees on land.

Maybe you want to explore the Haderslev Fjord with its many curves and coves and its exciting nature. Or would you like to see the island of Aarø from the coastal side? There are excellent opportunities to get an unforgettable experience in and on the water.


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Diving in Lillebælt

A lot of people are very surprised after having tried to dive in the Årøsund for the first time. The visibility is often very good, and you immediately notice that the bottom of the ocean is fully covered in shells. Nevertheless, following a closer inspection, the water reveals a much greater variation in its flora and fauna. It is not uncommon to meet fully grown cod. The large water exchange in the Little Belt increases the number of different animals and plants.

With two boat slides on the camp ground, it is possible to set a boat on the water to explore other parts of the Little Belt.

Haderslev Divingclub

Pictures of filling spaces

Prices of bottle filling

15,00 kr. /bottle
1 piece. double 10 liter = 30 kr.
1 piece. double 12 liters = 50 kr.
1 piece. 12 liters mont. med 5 liter pony = 40 kr.


Jogging & cycling in the nature

In the area around Gammelbro Camping you can find many quiet paths and smaller side streets, which are ideal for jogging. There is also about 5 km of  long marked route to the seaside village and ferry harbour of Årøsund. The campsite can serve as a starting point, as the route leads through the campground.

The route goes along the shore to the Port of Årøsund, by the patches of rushes, along fields and through residential areas. If you want to jog  longer routes, you can plan a route through the quaint little villages of Råde, Flovt, Østby, Stevelt and Hejstrup. This would also make an interesting tour on bike.


Camping vacation with boat

The waters of the Little Belt are almost always calm and therefore ideal for all kinds of water sports. If you are camping on Gammelbro Camping you are allowed to use one of the two boat slides on the campsite to get your boat into the water free of charge. Once in the water it is just a question of getting on the water-skis or the wakeboard, or maybe you prefer a ride on the banana?

On days with good wind conditions, a number of kite surfers gather in the area around Årøsund. It’s easy to enjoy water sports at Gammelbro Camping – just slip into your wetsuit and go! The Little Belt is waiting!

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