Water splashing or lap swimming?

Whether it is insufferably hot, or it just rains cats and dogs, we guarantee that our indoor swimming pool is always a hit. Equipped with bubble zone, water mushroom, water slides, big inflatable rings, beach animals and much more, Gammelbro Camping indoor swimming pool is a sure winner for water lovers of all ages.

If you rather prefer to swim laps in peace and quiet, the indoor swimming pool is open every morning from 07:00 o´clock until 09:00 o´clock solely reserved for swimming laps. After the early morning swim, you can stop by the shop to get freshly baked rolls for breakfast.

Fun and games

For the children


Water temperature: 28 degrees Celsius

Lane lengths: 25 meters

Open for entrance every day at 09.00 – 20.00.
You must be out at the latest by 21:00.

The swimming pool is open from Easter till autumn holidays in week 42.

During high season the swimming pool is reserved for people who are staying at Gammelbro Camping.
Outside high season everyone is welcome!

Season Calendar

There is a possibility for morning swimming / lane swimming every morning at. 07.00 – 09.00
During this time the pool is reserved for swimmers

(The swimming pool is open from Easter to autumn holidays week 42)

20 kr./pers (camping guests)
40 kr./pers (non-camping guests)
15 kr./pers (07:00 – 10:00).


Here’s room to play

If the children have a great time, the parents do too! The large playground of Gammelbro Camping is located with its back to fields and to a forest, with a safe distance from any road. Here you find the children’s favourite playground; here they do have a lot of space.

There is a lot to choose from: football patches, bounce castles, a giant slide tower, swings, seesaws, moon cars, mechanical cranes and much more. On rainy days you can also try our indoor playland. There you will find a ball pit, building blocks, table tennis, pool tables and much more. Camping Gammelbro sets the wellbeing of children high!


Gammelbro Camping has a total of 3 playgrounds

The playground is open from
09.00 – 23.00


A child-friendly beach

The beach is the reason why Gammelbro Camping exists and the beach has been part of our history from the very beginning. The fine sandy beach and the calm waters of the Little Belt have at all times been the major attraction for many. Right in front of the campsite you find the fantastic beach. If you move out in the water a bit to the north, you will reach a large bank of mussels; here you find one of Denmark’s best fishing grounds.

To the south, in the direction of Råde, you will notice changes in the landscape of the beach. Here you will find rich opportunities to collect stones and also to go underwater fishing. With 2 boat slips on site at Gammelbro Camping, you have the opportunity to put your own boat in the water and explore all of this.

See bathing water profile


A wonderland for creative minds

Gammelbro Camping offers something for every taste. In the DIY studio you will find a positive, cosy atmosphere mixed with a myriad of shapes, colours, figures, and small handicraft things. Take a look around to see what is hidden in the corners and draw inspiration from the many things you will see, it is a unique experience.

The 200-square-meter studio is divided into smaller, cosy departments. The pleasant corners give ample opportunities to forget time and place all while you are being engulfed in a world in which only your imagination sets the limits. The DIY studio on Gammelbro Camping is a very popular activity among our guests, for children and adults alike.


12 exciting lanes

If you say camping, you say miniature golf as well! The miniature golf is considered a classic thing to do in the Danish summer and at Gammelbro Camping we offer the setting for a miniature golf experience in a class of its own. We have taken miniature golf one step further and have created an adventure golf course.

The course consists of 12 holes or stations, which are a delight to the eye and truly a treat for those who love miniature golf. On hot summer days, the location of the café and the shop right next to the miniature golf course ensures quick rescue with ice cream and cold drinks.

Game rules

  1. Each hit counts. An additional hit must be added to the count if the ball jumps off the lane or if you haven’t succeeded by the 6th hit (then the total score will be 7).
  2. When you have made it past the barrier the ball must be played from the position where it landed. If the ball is impossible to hit, i.e. too close to the side wall, it may be moved 5 cm. forward.
  3. If the ball falls off the lane after making it past the barrier, you may put it back on the spot from where it left the lane.
  4. If a player hasn’t gotten the ball in the hole after 6 hits, you write a score of 7 hits and continue the game on the next lane.


Children (4-11 years):

20 kr.


40 kr.


Equipment is rented at the reception

Opening hours follow the reception
Usually at 08.00 – 22.00

The course is not only for campsite guests – All visitors are welcome!


How about a game of tennis?

Exercise is healthy – with a tennis match, it’s even fun! Challenge a friend or a family member to a match and fight until the sweat will drop from your foreheads. –At the end you will only long for a nice cooling, and here you can decide if this should be done in the swimming pool or in the Little Belt itself.

The tennis court on Gammelbro Camping is equipped with artificial turf, which protects the limbs and sinews of the players and gives the optimal tennis experience.


Price: 50 kr./hour

Equipment can be rented at the reception – You are also welcome to bring your own equipment.

Opening hours: Follow the reception
Normally 08.00 – 22.00

The tennis court is not only for campsite guests – All visitors are welcome!


For the children

From time to time we get exclusive visitors. Clowns and circus princesses, jugglers and acrobats run around in the arena of Circus Krone when the circus visits Gammelbro Camping. The following week, Peter Pan may play his pranks and a treasure hunt might begin.

The Flying Trunk Circus, the Camping Theatre and much more can suddenly be on the campsite and provide plenty of fun and entertainment for all ages.