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Havnebyen Årøsund

The small port of Årøsund is the only location along the Little Belt, where fish still is being landed and packed and send for sale to the fish auction in Hvidesande. Also caviar is being exported from Årøsund to countries like for example Japan, the USA and Australia. Next to the fish factory in Årøsund the old boat building workshop is located. The company keeps the old craft traditions of traditional boat building alive.

Customers and other interested are always welcome to watch the boat builders work. The port is also the home of Årøsund Seaside Hotel – A beautiful building from the early 20th century. The restaurant “Skipperstuen” is located under the actual hotel, only a few meters from the beach, and is open throughout the entire summer season.

Årøsund & Årø Brochure

Årøsund Bådbygger

Årøsund Badehotel

Kort over havnen


There is much to discover on Aarø

It only takes a few minutes with the ferry from Årøsund to the island Aarø Right upon arrival on the island you will feel as if in another world entirely. A feeling of utter peace, quietness and calmness will descend on you. There is plenty to do and see on Aarø: The bird sanctuary, Brummers Gaard, The Galloway breed, The Christmas Church, Æ Højvej (the High Road), Aarø Wine yard and Winery and much more.

Aarø offers also many activities during the year, such as the Culinary Festival, the Aarø Nature Track and guided tours. More information can be found on the islands excellent website.


Brummers Gaard

Årø Vingård

Spor i landskabet


The 12 km long and beautiful sailing trip on the Haderslev Fjord will bring you close to nature. At lunchtime, Helene sets off from the quayside in Haderslev to sail to Aarø and Årøsund and back.

You choose to sail both routes, or you can get off at Aarø or Årøsund, then you can either bike from there back to Haderslev (bikes are taken on board Helene), or take the bus from Årøsund to Haderslev.

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Boat Trip Between Haderslev and Årøsund

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A town with a lot of opportunities

The 700 year old city Haderslev is characterized by its long history. The old part of the cathedral and the marketplace in the centre are very well preserved and the city has many old houses, many of them dating back to the 1500s.

There are regular guided walking tours through the medieval town centre. Also you might want to participate in the nightly vigil walk around the medieval centre with the night watch of Haderslev, which are done regularly during the summer months.

Right in the middle of the city lays the Dampark, the city’s great park, which, among other things, has beautiful flower beds, small gardens, art in the form of sculptures, a public herbarium and much more to offer to its visitors. In the city you also will find an attractive High Street as a pedestrian only zone with many shops.

The watchmen in Haderslev

Haderslev Cathedral


Nature & History


A castle town…

Gram is one of the oldest towns in Soenderjylland and was founded at about the same time as Haderslev. In Gram, you can visit the castle. The oldest parts of the castle can be dated all the way back to the 1200s. Throughout its history the castle was an important factor of power in the south of Denmark. The castle has since the 1600s belonged to the family Schack, but a few years ago got new owners and has since been restored thoroughly.

The beautiful castle park is also worth a visit. Guided tours are offered throughout the year, every Friday the Ghost Walk is carried out – perhaps you will meet the former Countess who is said to haunt the castle.

From the castle’s garden


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