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Cottage holiday in Denmark by the water

Gammelbro Camping offers a simple and comfortable accommodation in our camping cabins. Go on a cottage holiday in Denmark, in unique cottages, by one of Jutland's beautiful beaches. You have all the necessary facilities at your disposal in the cottage and on the campsite grounds.

A cottage holiday by the sea - it doesn't get any better than this! Well, it should be a cheap cottage holiday in a camping cabin in Southern Jutland at Gammelbro Camping, because here you don't have to settle for one of the best beaches in the Lillebælt!

Gammelbro Camping offers so much more, just waiting to be explored. If you're looking for a place to stay or the setting for a wonderful, uncomplicated family holiday, our camping chalets, holiday homes and holiday apartments are the perfect choice.

With a Danish cottage holiday with us, you are guaranteed a good place to stay. When the weather is good for outdoor activities, the cabin is a good and practical base for the whole family, and if the weather is not so good, the cabin offers the opportunity for indoor summer fun.

Our cabins

A camping cabin in Jutland at Gammelbro Camping allows you to plan your holiday in Southern Jutland with confidence. With the cabin as a base, you can explore a large part of Jutland, or you can enjoy the local area and relax in our camping area.

We have cabins with sleeping places and equipment for four or six people. The cabins vary in size from 14 m2 to 28 m2, and our apartments are 36 m2. The smallest cabins consist of a single room without toilet and shower, while the largest cabins and apartments have a separate sleeping room and toilet with shower. The cabins have all the necessary equipment for your family's relaxing cabin holiday, so book your cabin right away to make sure you get to stay in the one that best meets your needs and desires.