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Seasonal pitch at Gammelbro Camping

If you're looking for a seasonal pitch at Gammelbro Camping, you're not alone. Many people experience Gammelbro Camping as their second home - their sanctuary! And that's what Gammelbro Camping wants to be. Different seasonal periods are offered, such as spring, autumn and all summer long.

At Gammelbro Camping we offer many types of seasonal pitches in different price ranges, depending on the season. We are open during the winter season, when a seasonal pitch is the cheapest, while it varies throughout the year. A seasonal pitch for the whole year is relatively the cheapest option. Our prices are absolutely competitive, especially when you consider the quality of our campsite.

There are many benefits to having a seasonal pitch, not just the financial ones. If the family is going camping, the seasonal pitch will give you peace and quiet. At the same time, a campsite like Gammelbro offers different things throughout the year, peace and quiet in winter, many outdoor activities in summer and so on. Seasonal pitches are increasingly popular and there are many good reasons for this.