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A holiday full of experiences

Beautiful nature experiences, fun in the water, cosy family moments and island adventures - at Gammelbro there are plenty of experiences in store both on and around the campsite.
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Camping in Southern Jutland

Gammelbro Camping is located close to Haderslev in Southern Jutland with a lovely child-friendly beach for the hot summer days.

Even if the weather isn't perfect for a beach trip, you and your family don't have to miss out on a dip. Our water park offers fun and relaxation for everyone.

The Danish summer can offer a bit of everything, but with us you can be sure that a holiday offers plenty of fun experiences. We have an indoor playground, a water park, mini golf and tennis, so entertainment is always guaranteed. And don't deprive yourself of the experience of Gammelbro Krea, our large creative workshop, which is brimming with inspiration and great ideas. Enjoy the day with plenty of activities and relax with a game of cards in the evening in the relaxed atmosphere that prevails throughout the campsite.

You can bring your own caravan or tent or use our rental units in the form of a cabin, beach apartment or luxury tent.

The beautiful nature of Southern Denmark around our campsite offers plenty of opportunities for activities for both adults and children. Perhaps you need a quiet moment of angling or a ride on a SUP-board along the coast. The children can have fun in our large playground with many activities, or you can go on an island adventure to cosy Årø.

At Gammelbro Camping, we pride ourselves on providing great experiences for the whole family. Our campsite in Southern Jutland is beautifully situated right on the shores of the Lillebælt, and there are plenty of opportunities for both active and relaxing experiences here. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, explore the exciting Southern Jutland and take advantage of the site's many activities.