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Gammelbro Caming has something for everyone. In the Creative Workshop you will be greeted by a positive atmosphere mixed up with a multitude of shapes, colours, figures and little trinkets. Just walking around and seeing what's hiding in the corners and being inspired by the many things that meet you is an experience.
With 200 m2 of workshop, divided into cosy sections and small corners, there are good chances to forget time and place, while being taken into a world where only your imagination sets the limits. The Creative Workshop at Gammelbro Camping is an attraction for children and adults alike.

All the practical stuff

When you visit the workshop for the first time, it is important that you watch our introductory video before you start.
You can see it at the workshop during the check-in period (09.30-10.00 & 13.00-13.30).
Yes, you must reserve a place. ALL, active, helpers and those "just" watching, must be noted.
Prevented? Then remember to cancel on Tel. 20164170 (SMS or call)
Children aged 0-14 must ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult.
If you stay at the campsite, access is free!
Of course, you have to pay for the materials you use.
If you come as a visitor "from outside" you are very welcome, but the enterprise is 30 kr. per person.
You are welcome to buy our materials at home. Unlike other hobby shops, you are free to pick from the shelves in the quantity you need. Choose freely from the workshop materials and handpick what you need for your next project.
If you want a group arrangement, don't hold back.
It can be a bachelor party, team building, a girl's night out or something completely different.
Contact us on tel. 20164170 or



Open 9.30 - 12.00
Open 13.00 - 15.00
Adult evening
Open 19.00 - 22.00

Say hello to the team...

Malene Enevoldsen
I am a trained educator and have worked as such for over 20 years. Creativity has always been part of my job and my free time. I am passionate about facilitating all kinds of creative processes. Love to explore new creative projects - be inspired by all kinds of materials. My motto is like Pippi: "I haven't tried that before - so I guess I can".
Gitte Christiansen
Trained as a school teacher with a passion for physical and creative subjects. Have been teaching for 11 years. The best thing is to find new ways and ideas. I am super fond of the creative universe - from childhood, I have played with and tested many materials and creative subjects. Great to convey what you love most!
Jennifer Bocian
In my spare time, I draw realistic animal portraits and have a creative art YouTube channel. Art and creativity have always been a big part of my life, although my previous work life as a medical secretary led me down different paths. Over the years I have spent a lot of time drawing, painting and being creative. I was born and raised in Stuttgart and have lived in Denmark since 2020.