Wireless internet

Gammelbro The campsite offers high-quality Wi-Fi. We know that many of our guests want the option to be online, and we want to accommodate that. We keep up with the times and keep our equipment updated so it can deliver decent internet, even during peak times.

Camping with Wi-Fi

For many of our guests it is important to have an internet connection, even when they are on our campsite. We always try to meet the needs of our guests, and in recent years we have established very good quality Wi-Fi, so we can now offer camping with Wi-Fi.

Campsites across the country welcome guests of many kinds. Some guests want one thing, others another. At Gammelbro Camping we aim to cater for all visitors, and camping with internet is increasingly in demand by many Danes and foreigners alike. We are therefore pleased at Gammelbro Camping to be able to offer this service of very good quality.