Disability facilities

There is room for everyone

All the service buildings, shop and café appear disabled friendly as they are all level with the ground so there are no difficult steps.

Of course Gammelbro Camping welcomes disabled people, we consider ourselves a disabled friendly campsite. Disability friendly campsites in Denmark are not as widespread as one would wish. This is usually due to the difficult terrain, because campsites are usually located in the countryside, often in an uneven area.

But there is a lot that can be done to improve conditions for disabled people, and at Gammelbro we pride ourselves on the fact that all essential parts are designed for disabled people to use. This applies to our shop and café as well as all service buildings, all of which are accessible to disabled people. We are also constantly working to improve the general accessibility of the campsite for people with disabilities, so that we can increasingly call ourselves a disability-friendly campsite.

  • Service buildings with disabled toilets

    • Building 3
    • Building 5
    • Building 8