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The harbour town of Årøsund

The small harbour town of Årøsund is the only place on the Lillebælt where fish is still imported for sale at the fish market in Hvidesande. From Årøsund, caviar is exported to countries such as Japan, the USA and Australia. Next door to the fish factory is the old boat building, which keeps the old craft traditions alive.

Customers and other interested parties are welcome to look over the boatbuilders' shoulders. At the harbour you will also find Årøsund Badehotel - a beautiful building from the 1930s. Restaurant Skipperstuen is located on the ground floor of Årøsund Badehotel, a few metres from the beach, and is open most of the year.


There is much to experience on Årø

It only takes a few minutes to take the ferry from Årøsund to Årø. But once you're in port, you'll soon feel the peace and quiet. There is a lot to experience on Årø: Bird sanctuary, Brummers Gaard, Galloway cattle, Julekirken, Æ Højvej, Årø Vingård etc.

There are also many activities throughout the year, such as the food festival, the Årø nature run and guided tours. Read more on the island's excellent website.

Haderslev Dambåd

Sailing on Haderslev Dam

Experience a pleasant cruise on the largest pond in Southern Jutland. You can sail directly from the city center and out into nature, where you can experience the rich animal and bird life in and around Haderslev Dam.

If you're lucky, you'll see herons and eagles on the trip. The sailing takes place with respect for nature and with a focus on sustainability. The boat is electrically powered and sails almost silently.


A city with many possibilities

The 700 year old market town of Haderslev is marked by its long history. The old town with the cathedral and the square in the centre is well preserved and contains houses dating back to the 1500s. You can go on guided historic walks in the old town - or join the watchmen on their evening rounds in the summer months.

In the middle of the city lies Haderslev Dam Park, which consists of beautiful flower beds, small gardens, art sculptures, etc. You will also find an exciting pedestrian street with many shops.

Gram castle

13th century castle in Gram

Gram is one of the oldest towns in Southern Jutland and was founded around the same time as Haderslev. In Gram you can visit Gram Castle. The castle dates back to the 13th century and has been a power factor in the whole area throughout history. The castle has belonged to the Schack family since the 1600s, but was given a new owner years ago and has undergone a thorough restoration.

The beautiful castle park is also worth a visit. There are guided tours of the castle all year round and every Friday there is a Ghost Walk - you might meet the former Countess who is said to walk again in the castle.