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Acture Park

Acture Park has it all

Acture Park brings together a wide range of action-based experiences in the municipality of Haderslev. The park stretches from Vojens to Haderslev.

Here you can experience Denmark's longest go-kart track, the highest climbing tower, the best ice arena, the F16 fighters, Scandinavia's largest street sports mecca StreetDome and many more experiences with a pulse.


Lillebælt is good fishing water

Lillebælt offers some of the best fishing water in Denmark. A few hundred metres north and south of Gammelbro Camping along the coast, you can fish for sea trout and hornfish. You can also sail out and find the good fishing spots for cod and flatfish.

There are plenty of opportunities, so just get going, and remember that accommodation, catering, etc. is not a problem.


Diving in Lillebælt

Many people are surprised the first time they dive at Årøsund. There is often good visibility and you discover that the bottom is heavily covered with mussels. Yet on closer inspection there is much variety. It is not unusual to encounter a few adult cod. The high water flow in Lillebælt increases the number of different animals and plants.

It's also possible to quickly get some depth, making it ideal for course dives. With two boat ramps you also have the opportunity to put the boat in the water and go out and explore other parts of Lillebælt.

  • Bottle filling prices:
    • Bottles 10 litres
      • 15
        DKK / bottle 
    • Bottles over 10 litres
      • 25
        DKK / bottle 
    • Price example
      • 1 double 10 liters
        30 DKK
      • 1 double 12 liters
        50 DKK
      • 1 pcs. 12 liters mont. with 5 litre pony
        50 DKK

Running or cycling

Running or cycling in nature

In the area around Gammelbro Camping there are many unpaved paths and small roads, which are ideal for running. There is a marked route around Årøsund town of 5 km. The campsite can be your starting point as the route goes through here.

The route goes along the coast, over Årøsund harbour, through rush forest, along fields and through town. If you like longer walks, you can run through the small, cosy villages of Råde, Flovt, Øsby, Stevelt and Hajstrup. This will also be an exciting ride by bike.


Camping holiday with boat

Lillebælt's almost always calm waters are ideal for all kinds of water sports.
If you are a guest at Gammelbro Camping, you are free to use the site's boat slip to get your boat into the water. From here it's just a matter of getting on those water skis or wakeboard, or perhaps you prefer to sit in the ring or on the banana?

On days with good wind, more people kitesurf in the area off Årøsund. Put on your wetsuit and go - Lillebælt awaits!

  • We also have:
    • 2 boat ramps
      for free use

    • Over 100

Stand Up Paddling

SUP-boards in Lillebælt

At Gammelbro you can try out the popular water sport Stand Up Paddling also known as SUP-boards. Sail along the beautiful coast and see the Danish nature from a new angle. Maybe you'll even be lucky enough to spot a porpoise? The more experienced can take a day trip into Haderslev Fjord.

We rent inflatable boards ready to use, and of course they come with a life jacket and a paddle that can be adjusted in height.

Active camping holiday

At Gammelbro Camping you have a great opportunity to enjoy a very active camping holiday. In principle, you are the only one who sets the limits for how active your holiday should be. With our location next to the Lillebælt, we offer active camping with a focus on water sports. Fishing, diving, snorkelling, sea kayaking, water skiing, sailing. You choose and set the pace yourself. Lillebælt is in many ways perfect for water sports.

But we also offer plenty of activities on land, so you can take an active camping holiday to the limit. Especially walking, running and cycling are obvious options in the area around Gammelbro, when you are interested in active camping. The countryside, the farmland and the charming little towns offer ideal opportunities for an active camping holiday, even on land.